Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Tree Cabin

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The cabin is located a few miles outside of Truckee, CA and was built in the Fall of 2008.  We tried to use as many reclaimed materials as possible.  The redwood decking and siding were reclaimed from another construction site and the wainscoting is found pallet wood.  We installed 4 inches of foam insulation and use a highly efficient Cylinder Stove as the primary heat source as there is no electric or water.  We also use a 5 gallon bucket as a compostable sawdust toilet!

The 120 sq ft was inspired by The Shack at Hinkle Farm by Jeffrey Broadhurst.    


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  1. Hey there! My name is Taylor and I useed to live right down the street, for 6 months. I love what you did here.. The place we rented with our 5 dogs is the first house as you enter the valley from hobart mills, the little one bedroom two story with the wrap around drive way with tulips in the middle. I see that you are selling it but ever want to rent it out or weekend it out??? Im just in graduate school learning acupuncture, and woud love to get back out in that valley....and only have 1 dog, my name is taylor and email is 650-79-8460. i live in santa faceboook is under taylor collins, arcata,ca or five branches...